Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great USPS marketing tool. Here are the top 10 reasons to use it…

  1. It’s easy. No joke, the post office made this one simple.
  2. Postage is only 17.5 cents for an over-sized sheet. That’s a bargain!
  3. No annual permits to buy.
  4. Easy to use, so you can train your staff and customers to use it.
  5. No addressing is needed… which lowers costs even more.
  6. Printed marketing materials can be delivered to your local post office for next-day delivery. You can provide this service, or customers can do it themselves.
  7. You can choose to mail to every home and/or business on individual carrier routes in any zip code.
  8. The target marketing ability is remarkable, and the post office even has online maps that show you every carrier route with complete demographic details for free.
  9. Only 200 pieces are needed to do an EDDM marketing mailing.
  10. EDDM represents a tremendous sales and marketing opportunity for your printing firm. EDDM can help you sell a lot of printing and help position you as a “marketing services provider.”

You really owe it to yourself to study the potential opportunities that would benefit your company by promoting and using EDDM.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.


I used to hate weighing myself.

For most of my life, my scale has been my enemy. Every time I’d weigh myself, my scale would remind me of my failures. It made me feel like I wasn’t disciplined enough… like I was eating too much… like I wasn’t eating the right kinds of food. As a result, I simply avoided scales whenever possible. Once, in a doctor’s office, I refused to weight myself with all my clothes on because — holy cow — that would make me look even heavier!

Then about five years ago, I began a gradual quest to regain my health by losing my excess weight. It all started after I saw heavyweight boxer George Foreman being interviewed on TV. When the host asked this giant of a man how much he weighed, he said “257 pounds.” My heart sank because as I was sitting there, I realized I weighed more than he did! Until then, I knew I’d been gaining a “little weight,” but I was in total denial about how bad I’d let myself deteriorate in this area. I decided it was time to begin a lifelong plan to change me eating habits. Well, five years later, I am much healthier than I used to be… but I’ve never been able to reach my weight-loss goal. I need to go just a little farther. I still need to lose my final 20 pounds.

Then something happened that made me begin to like my scale. I saw a little snippet in Men’s Fitness magazine about a new high tech scale called the Tanita Ironman. Tanita is a commercial scale manufacturer, and chances are your local doctor or hospital has medical grade Tanita scales in their offices. The article described how the Tanita Company has used digital technology to re-invent the common household scale. They’ve invented a new scale that not only weighs you but also gives you a series of eight other full body measurements including…

  • Body fat as a percentage of your total weight — which I think is the single most helpful measurement. A good percentage here will just about guarantee you excellent health.
  • Body water as a percentage of your weight — to let you know if you’re adequately hydrated. For many of us, this is a commonly overlooked area in our daily lifestyles.
  • Muscle mass weight — the weight of muscle in your body. It’s good to gain weight in muscle, but bad to gain weight in fat.
  • Physique rating — an assessment of your physique according to the ratio of muscle mass to body fat in your body.
  • Daily calorie intake — an accurate estimate of how many calories you can consume within the next 24 hours to maintain your current weight. I use this to create my daily eating plan.
  • Metabolic age — the average age associated with a metabolism similar to the one you currently have.
  • Bone mass weight — the weight of your total bone mass, an indicator of overall health and strength.
  • Visceral fat weight — the weight of the really bad brown fat that surrounds your vital organs and causes high blood pressure, heart disease, and type two diabetes. Icky stuff.

So I bought one of these Ironman scales and was immediately blown away by all the helpful information it provides. Now I enthusiastically weigh myself every morning and can immediately see the effects of my food and exercise choices from yesterday. The accurate readings (within one tenth of a pound) motivate me to be more disciplined with my food choices and my exercise habits. The scale also pointed out a dangerous problem area I didn’t realize I had. It showed me I have nine pounds of dangerous visceral brown fat around my mid-section. It’s dangerous because visceral fat acts like a blanket, insulating and heating up the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Just like any piece of equipment in our printing firms, our vital organs cannot function long without breaking down when they operate at too high a temperature. One of my goals for 2015 is to lose 4.5 pounds of visceral fat by the end of the year.


So now, my scale isn’t an enemy. It’s a friend that offers encouragement and positive support daily — and when I make a mistake, it lets me know right away!

Maybe you could help yourself and improve your health by investing in this oh-so-sweet little high-tech gadget!

The model I bought was called the Tanita BC-350 Body Composition Monitor, and it is available on Amazon for about $239.00. That isn’t much when you consider all the life-changing medical information it provides.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.


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