A few years ago, I began to realize I had fallen into a self-destructive bad habit. Every day, I was working hard at the print shop and would often go home tired and fatigued, only to be greeted by “messes” everywhere. Do you ever feel the same way? Do you ever feel like you never get to relax because there’s an endless list of stuff you need to pick up, clean up, organize, or manage at home after work each day? I confess that I often felt that way.

Here’s a 4:30 video of me explaining how I overcame this de-energizing doom loop in my own life. Click the image below to watch it.


Five years ago, I’d never heard of “Rational Minimalism,” but today it has literally changed my life. As a result, I save more money, spend less time cleaning and organizing my stuff, and sometimes actually have free time after work to just sit and relax without feeling guilty that I need to be cleaning my garage, organizing my utility room, or taking care of a dozen other endless tasks that used to consume my free time.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.



Many of us don’t like printing wedding invitations, but we love to print postcards. Here’s a way to do both!

The picture shown above is actually a very creative postcard wedding invitation I recently received in the mail, and it really grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons: First, the picture of the couple is totally amazing, and then second, the invitation itself is a postcard. A postcard!

As we all know, the stereotypical wedding invitation is a costly production involving a double fold-over card, matching envelope, inserts, and sometimes even foiling and embossing. As a result, wedding invitations can be costly and time-consuming. The simplicity of this postcard invitation isn’t just innovative… it’s uniquely different and inexpensive to purchase. I thought it was very creative. Part of what makes this work so well is that it’s so simple and minimal. Plus, it just feels good when you hold it in your hands.

I think postcard wedding invitations could be a new source of business for your printing firm. Perhaps you could even work with photographers and set up special package plans where they provide the photography and you provide the printing.

The concept could also work for high school graduation announcements.

I like this postcard wedding invitation idea and thought you might like to think about it, too.

Oh, by the way, I’ll give you five bucks if you send me a picture of you and your spouse kissing each other like the couple shown here…

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

P.S. Below is the back side of the postcard with all of the details of the wedding, in case you’re curious how that was presented. Names and locations have been blurred out to protect the happy couple’s privacy.



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