Are you as enthusiastic about your work as the people in this video?

December 6, 2010 · 0 comments

He was enthusiastic about marketing his products.

Henry Ford wanted to sell an automobile to every single person in America. His vision was huge. After all, his goal was to replace the horse as the world’s primary source of transportation. To accomplish his goals, he priced his Model T Fords at half the price of his competitors’ vehicles, he paid his factory workers double the wages of most other workers, and he only manufactured automobiles in one color — black — because allowing other colors would slow down production on his 24-hour-a-day assembly lines.

Are you as enthusiastic about your products and services as Henry Ford was?

This week, with the spirit of the wonderful upcoming holiday season all around us, why not find something to get enthusiastic about?

Here is a very inspiring video about a few people who were so enthusiastic about what they do that they decided to spontaneously share their work with unsuspecting shoppers who were having lunch at a food court in a local mall. Their enthusiasm is so positive that it is impossible not to feel good after watching and listening to this video.

Why not show your enthusiasm by re-tweeting this video to your customers, prospects, and friends?

P.S. What do you think the value of the “free marketing” was for the company who posted this video on YouTube?

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