Sorrento Mesa Printing Wins the Golden Ink Knife Award

February 4, 2011 · 0 comments

I am pleased to award the February 2011 Golden Ink Knife Award knife to Sorrento Mesa Printing in recognition of their truly outstanding direct mail annual calendar. It is unusual to see a calendar used as direct mail advertising, but Scott Cappel, the owner of Sorrento Mesa, does it brilliantly. The calendar itself is classy, and big! It is 18″ x 24″ as it hangs on the wall, and it features beautiful, professional-grade photography for each month’s image.

This year, Scott’s theme was his local community, San Diego, California. Scott mails the calendar in an expensive-looking white corrugated cardboard box. Inside, the calendar is poly-bagged, which adds a lot to the quality image of the presentation. Inside the poly-bag, Scott adds two 8.5″ x 11″ sales inserts. The first is a sell sheet that overviews the capabilities of his printing firm. The second is a very creative, personalized sales letter that introduces Scott and Sorrento Mesa Printing to the recipient. The letter explains that when Sorrento Mesa regularly surveys its clients to see “how we’re doing” – 83% have responded by saying they would be “very likely” to recommend Sorrento Mesa to their colleagues and friends. Another 16% would be “likely” to recommend the company. The letter goes on to say that “if you would like to learn more about us, here’s where you’ll find us.” It then lists the printing firm’s website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Scott also mentions that he would like “an opportunity to meet and talk with you” during the upcoming year.

This is a very impressive and expensive-looking direct mail marketing tool, and one of the nicest annual calendars I’ve ever seen. In the accompanying Golden Ink Knife column, I’ve included a few images of the Sorrento Mesa calendar and a few pictures inside Scott’s operation. There is also a “don’t miss” interview with Scott that you are going to want to read. Scott is truly one of the thought leaders of our industry, and he says some very thought-provoking things in this interview that can help you make more money. Well done, Scott!

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