Give ’em a reason to buy printing locally

February 25, 2011 · 0 comments

Give 'em a reason to buy locally - screenshot

Here’s a marketing idea that’s fun and a little different.

A short time ago, my very talented creative team created a short animated marketing video called “Give ’em a reason to buy locally.” The purpose of the video is to explain how your printing firm can compete with the big online printers.

Most printers think of themselves as a “locally owned business” and sometimes fall into a self-defeating trap of believing that just because they are a locally owned business, they are “entitled” to receive (all) the printing from other locally owned businesses. In this video, I explain that even though it should be that way, a lot of locally owned businesses have chosen to buy printing from out-of-town online printers. I explain why you have to give them a reason to buy locally and show how low-cost social media marketing can help you change their thinking and overcome their willingness to buy printing from an out-of-town supplier.

Here’s a link to the video. I suggest you watch it in the full screen size for greater clarity.

Give ’em a Reason to Buy Locally

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