Stop carrying that weight

April 4, 2011 · 0 comments

Is your printing firm a happy place?

Here’s my list of simple “daily” things you can do — as a manager — to make your printing firm a happy place to work. At the end of this eight-part series, you will be able to download the entire collection of ideas on an inspirational poster called “Recipe For a Happy Print Shop.”

Recipe for a Happy Print Shop – Part 1 of 8

Do you have an unresolved problem that is weighing you down?

Many business owners and managers avoid solving the most difficult problems facing them. They put things off for days, weeks, or even longer — all because of the personal pain involved with resolving tough problems.

For some, it’s easier to ignore a problem than to confront it. Psychologists have a word for that. It’s called “denial.”

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with thousands of printers. Most of these conversations have taken place in a brief meeting at a printing convention or trade show. Some of the conversations happen on the phone. Most of these conversations only last a few minutes. But frankly, it is surprising how often another printer will immediately share with me some “tough problem” they’ve been dealing with for a long time, hoping to get some advice about how to resolve their dilemma. Of course, I don’t mind helping, but I often find myself thinking that it is too bad they’ve had to carry this weight on their shoulders for so long.

I think there is a better way.

My solution? Make your difficult decision quickly.

The longer you carry a weight, the heavier it gets.

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