Mike’s Top 50 Goals for 2014

January 9, 2014 · 13 comments

This is the third part of a three-part series on setting goals.

Forbes magazine said a few years ago that only 3% of people make a written list of their personal goals, but over 70% of the top 500 corporate CEOs do.

I know which statistic I want to be a part of, don’t you?

On the first day of this three-part series, I wrote about “why” we should set our goals and write them down.

On the second day of this series, I wrote about a simple system I use to organize my personal goals.

And today, on the third and final day of the series, I will actually show you my own personal goals for 2014. This is something I’ve never done before, and it might generate some criticism because it could be seen as self-focused. However, that is not my motive.

My only purpose for sharing my goals is to help you see a real-life example of how you could accomplish the same thing. You’ll be able to see how I intertwine business and personal goals. You’ll read some of the areas where I need personal development and improvement, as well as some of my shortcomings and failures.

All I ask is that you try not to focus on the specifics of what I’ve written and compare them to your own values and ambitions. Instead, simply use the list as an overview example that you can use to guide you along the path as you assemble your own set of personal goals.

Just so you know, I would estimate that it has taken me about 7-8 hours in total to contemplate, brainstorm, write, and organize my goals for the new year. That’s not much time really — just one single day at work — to create a vision and direction for my entire year.

I may not actually reach all of these goals, but when I consider the fact that by accomplishing just a majority of them, I will be healthier, better connected to my family, and more financially secure, the return on my small investment of time is astronomical!

The same would be true for you.

Here are my top 50 goals for 2014

  1. Open a new business.
  2. Take a family vacation to Washington, D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg.
  3. Redecorate the cabin before the 4th of July.
  4. Move the girls’ mattresses.
  5. Hire a fitness trainer to teach me the Wolverine workout.
  6. Increase my income by $5,000 per month by the end of the year.
  7. Inventory all bullion accurately.
  8. Create a plan to give girls $50 monthly for their clothes budget.
  9. Establish regular bedtimes, minimum sleep times (7 hours), and waking times.
  10. My weight goal is 189 pounds.
  11. My body fat % goal is 15%.
  12. Increase family cash savings by 10%.
  13. Attend the NPOA printers convention in Florida.
  14. Take a weekend family trip to Bismarck.
  15. Spend the 4th of July in Michigan.
  16. Buy 2015 tickets to Norway.
  17. Begin the three-month, once-a-week, Marriage Builders DVD course.
  18. Make Saturday evening a date night for Jenny and me.
  19. Take Paige or Sunday out for breakfast every Saturday morning.
  20. Have Kroshus Nursery install the privacy tree mound in our backyard.
  21. Pursue the beer and restaurant possibility near Osgood.
  22. Improve household inventory mgmt. plan for (all) household supplies.
  23. Get my prostate checked again.
  24. Begin a daily reading time — 30 minutes — books only.
  25. Buy a new bike.
  26. Get mom’s tombstone engraved.
  27. Improve my dress code. Dress nicer.
  28. Phase-out virtually all computer surfing on sports and news sites.
  29. Eliminate all swear words from my vocabulary.
  30. Study cell phones again. Am I still too busy for a cell phone?
  31. Plant a successful marigold garden.
  32. Visit Mackinac Island and try to stay one week on the island.
  33. Overcome my Diet Pepsi addiction once and for all.
  34. Resume Grandpa’s 10 pennies a day plan.
  35. Train our dogs to not go insane when the doorbell rings.
  36. Buy a new pair of Frye boots.
  37. Seriously de-clutter all of my old memorabilia, even if it means giving it away.
  38. Call one extended family member each week.
  39. Read the Ethel Cotton homeschool conversation course.
  40. Fit into jeans with a 34-inch waist.
  41. Get rid of all the clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in 18 months.
  42. Create a long-term income opportunity for both girls.
  43. Begin to write a book. Finish four chapters.
  44. Walk 10,000 steps a day, six days a week.
  45. Keep driving the Ford Focus.
  46. Write down my daily cash expenditures regularly.
  47. Buy three monster boxes of Silver Eagles.
  48. Go to church at least 3 times a month.
  49. Clean out the garage so it looks like it should.
  50. Do one thing that seems totally impossible and unattainable.

So there you have it. At this time, you should be able to use my three blog posts to help you get started yourself. As you begin, may I respectfully add that setting goals reminds you to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

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Dave Hultin May 20, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I went back and read this post tonight, and I now see that goal #10 (My weight goal is 189 pounds) appears to be at the top of the hit-list, as evidenced by your recent “10 pounds in 10 days” blog posts. Best of success to you!

Mike Geygan January 16, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Hi Mike
Thank you for sharing the emails on goals and your actual version for this year. It is something I know I should do, but rarely have done. It took guts to put them out like you did. I sincerely appreciate your contributions to the industry over many years.

Best wishes for a great 2014!

Thank You!
Mike Geygan

Mike Stevens January 16, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Keep going, Mike, I wish you success as you go forward!

Aaron Simmons January 16, 2014 at 2:43 pm

Hi Mike,

Kudos on publishing your goals list, that’s pretty brave.

I have a tip to help you with #27: trunkclub.com

I’ve been hearing great things about them, and love the concept. Haven’t tried it myself, because it’s a little more expensive than I am interested in. But it may help you get an early win on your goals list with little effort on your own part.


Mike Stevens January 16, 2014 at 2:59 pm

Thank you, Aaron, I’ll check it out!

Bill Cole January 16, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Dear Mike:

You are amazing. I have taken your advice already and created a spreadsheet with several columns – the goal, life category (spiritual, physical, etc.) and done. I am at 31 out of 50 already.

I have a good book recommendation for you – “The Harbinger” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It will amaze you.

God bless.

With great respect,

Bill Cole

Mike Stevens January 16, 2014 at 2:51 pm

Interesting. I read a book last year by Rabbi Daniel lapin, called “Thou Shall Prosper.” It was excellent, so you recommendation appeal;s to me… thank you for the toughtful response.

Sharon Patel January 15, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Reading this series inspired my husband and I to block out time last weekend to discuss and write our goals and intentions for 2014. Reading your list was so helpful to jumpstart our process…..thank you for sharing it. It led to an in-depth discussion and a written list that will provide a roadmap for us for 2014. I can pinpoint many ideas that I’ve gotten from you over the years that have had a positive impact on my business as well as personally. So appreciative of your generosity of spirit and creative ideas.

Mike Stevens January 16, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Hi Sharon, wow, what a nice surprise to hear from you! Your kind words meant a lot to me -mike

David Moore January 15, 2014 at 3:35 pm

Awesome, awesome post. The the transparency is moving. Thanks so much for doing this and opening up. Gave me (and motivated me) to lots of new ideas. I’ve gone the “no resolutions / goals” route a few years. Realizing now it doesn’t likely work like I hoped. It’s more of a “head-in-the-sand” approach than anything else. I need 2014 goals.

Mike Stevens January 16, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Yeah, transparency is a good thing… in this case, it holds me accountable too! I hope posting my goals will help you reach yours!

Mike Stevens January 9, 2014 at 4:45 pm

A thoughtful question.
No, I don’t work on everything at once. Early in the year, I always start out with some of the “easy” goals, just so I can’t get a few wins early in the process. I find that encouraging. After that, I actually do map out a little calendar grid thingy I use to provide a rough outline of which goals I’m going to try to work on month-by-month throughout the year. It’s sort of messy, but it helps a lot. I also have found it helpful to re-read the entire list of all 50 goals every Saturday, just to keep me focused and aware of what I should be working on as the year progresses.

Aaron January 9, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Thanks Mike, this is a good series.

Just curious about implementation: surely you don’t attempt to tackle all of these simultaneously throughout the year? When you decide which goals to tackle and when, do you further break this down into the goals you want to accomplish or make progress on for the month? For the week? Or some other method?

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