Don’t Let Others Steal Your Joy

June 17, 2014 · 0 comments

You’ll always have grumpy customers, equipment breakdowns, slow payers, and bad weather. And then, of course, every printing company seems to have one irreplaceable co-worker who always seems to see the “negative” side of things or who makes a point to tell you all the reasons your new ideas won’t work. My solution: Keep smiling anyway. It’s called leadership. Every leader is faced with many unexpected “problem” events that will occur nearly every day at work. You only have two choices: You can allow negativity to consume you and steal your joy, or you can choose to overcome it with a good attitude and let every problem lead to a happy ending.

I purposely try to begin each day in a positive frame of mind, full of hope and expecting the best. However, the realistic truth is that for most of us, our days seldom go as we had planned. When you allow yourself to become stressed-out because one of your co-workers didn’t show up, someone offended you, or your child missed the school bus, you’re giving away some of your power. It’s great to make plans in advance, but at the beginning of every day, why not surrender those plans to God? Consider saying a little prayer similar to this: “God, here’s my to do list that reflects everything I’d like to accomplish today. But I acknowledge that you are in control, so I submit my plans to you.”

When you do that, you’ll discover that no matter what comes your way, there will seldom be anything that will cause you to lose your peace, because you’ll be reminded that He is directing your steps — so your life doesn’t have to be controlled by unforeseen events, circumstances, or people who might try to steal your joy.

Joy is powerful, but it’s also fragile. Don’t let others take it away from you.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

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