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November 17, 2010 · 2 comments

In my last blog post, I shared a tip on how to do email marketing using your from line. From line marketing really is a good idea, but there is a better marketing idea that you can use to add some sales power to every email that gets sent from your printing firm. This idea is so good that I would suggest you not share it with your customers or retweet it for all the world to see. This idea is so good, I’d keep it for yourself.

As most of you know, I am very connected in the printing industry. Week in and week out, I see over 100 emails a day from different printers across the country. In my opinion, most printers have overlooked some important opportunities that they could build into their email to increase their marketing firepower. The idea that I’d like to share today has to do with what is commonly called the signature line of your email. We’re talking about the part at the bottom where you sign your name.

Most printers could help themselves build their brand by improving their signature line. Most of the signature lines I see could be described as “too little” or “too much.” On the one hand, there are a lot of printers who basically just sign their name and have very little else in their signature line. There’s no name of their printing firm, no address, no phone number, fax, or email address. Then, on the other hand, I see a lot of printers who put so much stuff in their signature line that it looks a little cluttered and junky. Sometimes, you can overdo it and try a little too hard. When you add things like logos, inspirational quotes, extra paragraphs about the advantages of printing, and just extra “stuff,” you run the risk of creating this sort of tune out, whereby the person who’s reading your email feels like there’s so much stuff they just don’t read any of it.

Here’s my suggestion on how to build a killer good email signature.

For starters, here’s my email signature. I’d like you to just look at it and study it for a minute:

Mike's signature line

Now, here is why I think it works so well:

#1. It looks really clean and stylish. It gives the impression that we’re professional and know good design.

#2. It includes all of the basic contact information my readers need, plus multiple ways that they can connect with me online.

#3. It’s fun. When you see an email signature like this, I think it’s very hard for most people not to take a minute or two and click on some of the links provided. Every time they click on one of your links, you’re selling your printing — and building your brand.

#4. It does a good job marketing the fact that we have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It also provides a link to my blog and the fact that readers can connect with me via RSS feeds. Social media marketing is hotter than hot, and my email signature demonstrates that my company is aware of and uses the latest marketing technologies to make it easy for people to connect with me.

When I started to use this new email signature, almost immediately I started to get new sales that came out of nowhere. It’s so easy to think that everybody who knows you knows all of the different products and services you can provide, but the truth is they don’t. My email signature informed many of my longtime printer friends that we had products and services that they weren’t aware of. As a result, I got more sales. I truly believe that you would experience similar sales results over a period of time with your prospects and customers.

If you want to use an email signature like this, there are two commitments you need to make. Number one, you need to get busy building your social media network. And number two, you need to be willing to spend a couple hundred bucks and find a computer geek or web programmer to help you build a signature like this. Adding social media icons to your email signature line is a bit more involved than most of us non-technical-types can do on our own. Between the basic coding and the nuances involved with different email software, I’d recommend finding someone with some web coding experience to handle the creation of your signature line for you. Once it’s in place, however, it will be well worth the time, effort, and cost involved.

This is a five-star idea, and I would encourage you to seriously think about implementing this great marketing idea for your printing firm.

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Ronnie Diamond November 17, 2010 at 3:33 pm

That first tip was really great and we have implemented it with all of our account reps.
Thanks very much, Mike.

Ronnie Diamond

Laurie Liljequist November 17, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Hi Mike,

I’m loving your marketing tips – thank you.

I did try and ‘connect’ with you by clicking on your links but they have been grouped together as your signature line and don’t work. Also, I like your connection idea and we are working on building one of our own but I do suggest you add your phone number to your signature line. Just one of my frustrations when someone says…call me when it’s done and then sign their name without a phone number posted.

I would like to view your links on Facebook and others so let us know – thanks.


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