The amazing Google Wonder wheel

January 10, 2011 · 0 comments

Do you know about Google’s amazing Wonder wheel?

Google has introduced an amazing new feature called the Wonder wheel to their search results. The Wonder wheel is a graphical search tool that savvy marketers can use to improve link building with the use of keyword clusters. The Wonder wheel is a goldmine for those of you interested in search engine optimization (SEO).

Google Wonder wheel

You can find the Wonder wheel by following these instructions:

First, go to Google search and enter “SEO” in the search box.

Then when the first page of results shows up, look at the navigational tools on the left-hand side. Slightly over halfway down, under All results, you’ll see the phrase “Wonder wheel.” Click the text to see the Wonder wheel

Google search results - Wonder wheel

There are good reasons to use the Google Wonder wheel.

1. It helps you do a better job finding the things you are looking for. You know, we all think a little differently, and sometimes trying to find the specific information we’re searching for doesn’t involve a straight line search. The Google Wonder wheel helps to filter results, so you can find the most relevant “general” keywords related to your original search, then drill down to more specific keywords, until you find the results you need.

2. It’s easy to use. Personally, I think the Wonder wheel simplifies search because of the visual clarity it provides. Conventional Google search can be distracting and time-consuming because of all of the choices provided — many of which just waste time. The Wonder wheel is a user-friendly tool because of the manner in which it leads you to the right term and the right results quickly.

3. It helps you find relevant keyword phrases for your own optimization efforts. If you’re interested in improving search engine rankings for your website, the Google Wonder wheel is a great resource. Enter a general keyword, drill down, and see all of the relevant search phrases you’ll want to include in your website content.

4. If you are a designer or a web developer, you will like the visual clarity the Google Wonder wheel provides. It is also cool to use, cool to find, and cool to share. Things you find “cool” can sometimes add a little fun to your day, and that’s a good thing. The Wonder wheel is useful, but it’s also fun! Not all search has to be boring and tedious.

Chances are, you’ll enjoy search more — and be more cognitively stimulated — when you use the amazing Google Wonder wheel.

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