Goodcopy Newsletter Wins the January Golden Ink Knife Award

January 12, 2011 · 0 comments

Many of you may remember that I was the marketing columnist at Quick Printing magazine for many, many years. Each month, I shared a variety of new marketing ideas for the printing industry. I also invited printers who read my articles to send me samples of good marketing ideas they were using at their printing firms. The steady stream of good marketing ideas I got from printers was so outstanding that I began to think I should give an award each month to the printer who submitted the best idea.

And so began the “Golden Ink Knife Award.”

Each Golden Ink Knife Award is handmade, very expensive, and quite heavy. The ink knife really isn’t made out of gold, but it is a very hard-to-find solid brass ink knife, and it looks drop-dead gorgeous after I have it polished. The award is truly beautiful, and it became a much sought-after prize in our industry. I really don’t think you could win a more impressive award in any printing industry competition.

When I launched my new blog a couple months ago, I thought it would be fun to resume the Golden Ink Knife Award for the printers who read Gutenblog.

Well, here it is: the first presentation of the popular award in nearly ten years!

I am pleased to give this month’s award to one of the most successful quick printers in America — Goodcopy Printing & Digital Graphics, located in New Haven, Connecticut. They are an outstanding company and perennially listed as one of the top 100 quick printers by Quick Printing magazine.

I could have chosen Goodcopy for any one of several terrific marketing ideas they have implemented, but there is one marketing idea they use that has been so fabulously successful I could not ignore it… their monthly direct mail marketing newsletter. The Goodcopy newsletter is so outstanding they’ve done something I seriously doubt any other printer will ever be able to duplicate. The Goodcopy in-house newsletter has won the highly competitive “Best Newsletter” category in the annual NAQP PrintImage Excellence award competition not once, not twice, but would you believe seven out of the last eight years?!?! That is an outstanding accomplishment and well-deserving of this month’s Golden Ink Knife Award.

If you would like to read more about Goodcopy, take a photo tour of their printing firm, and read a very interesting Q&A interview that provides a lot of insight into their success, please click here: January 2011 Golden Ink Knife Award. You won’t want to miss this!

Congratulations to Lou and Edie Goldberg, two of the nicest — and smartest — printers you’ll ever meet!

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