How the post office can help you sell more catalogs

January 31, 2011 · 0 comments

free materials from the U.S. Postal Service

Here’s a good marketing idea you can use to help motivate some of your print-buying customers to invest in catalog marketing.

A market study by comScore shows that among visitors to retail websites, twice as many online purchases are made by catalog recipients. Clearly catalogs drive retail sales, and now would be a good time to encourage some of your retail customers to create one. The U.S. Postal Service has created “getting started in catalogs,” a promotional campaign featuring a free instructional DVD and live webinar series. Their marketing campaign, designed to grow mail volume, could also help you grow sales of printed catalogs.

The free Postal Service DVD explains how Dell, Zappos, and other companies became market leaders by adding catalogs to their marketing mix. It’s so easy to forget that Dell and Zappos weren’t always the big names in e-tail they are today. Why not study and learn how they did it with the help of catalogs? You could use the ideas and information from the Postal Service promotional campaign to create interest among some of your customers or prospects.

It’s always a great idea to share helpful third-party marketing information with your customers. It’s a way to help them grow their business, while at the same time helping you grow your printing business, too.

The free DVD provided by the Postal Service creates the impression that it is very easy to produce printed catalogs for just about any size business. The DVD is actually a good selling tool for the printing industry, and I would encourage you to order your own copy of the promotional campaign to use as a marketing resource and selling tool for your printing firm. Here’s is a link to order one for yourself:

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