93% of your customers want you to do this

February 23, 2011 · 0 comments

I have a confession to make. I’m a little tired of reading articles about social media marketing. If you’re feeling that way too, I promise to keep this one short.

Last night, my wife Jenny wanted to work late at the business, so I agreed to take care of our two daughters for the evening. On the way home, I stopped by the video store and tried to find the most obvious “little girl movie” I could find to take home to entertain my girls while I did some housecleaning in my den. I rented an awful looking movie called The Ice Princess, but I received a hero’s welcome when my daughters saw what movie I had chosen. Chalk one up for Dad. While they were watching it, I had an hour and a half to clean my room. When I do stuff like this, I try to always have some type of sales or marketing video playing in the background as I work.

Last night, I used the time to listen to an online webinar being presented by 19 leading bloggers who specialize in marketing. Truthfully, the webinar was a little on the dull side because all it did was basically present a lot of information that has been rehashed many times over. But then the webinar took a turn. It got really, really interesting. One of the presenters, Chris Brogan, the author of the New York Times best-selling book Trust Agents, said something really startling. I totally stopped cleaning and paid close attention to his words. At this point in the webinar, everyone was debating whether or not businesses should be investing heavily in social media marketing. There was a strong feeling among these 19 experts that it would be a smart thing to do. But when it was Chris Brogan’s turn to speak he said, “It doesn’t really matter whether we think businesses should or should not invest in social media marketing. The most recent survey on the topic revealed that 93% of all businesses think the vendors they do business with should use social media to communicate with them.”

Now, Chris really didn’t say who did the survey or what the survey metrics were, but he is so well-respected that I believe he wouldn’t use such a mind-boggling number unless it was accurate. After all, his best-selling book is all about how marketers can use the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust among their prospects, followers, and customers. I can’t imagine that an author writing about building trust would exaggerate the fact that 93% of all businesses think the companies they do business with should use social media to communicate with them.

Well… 93% is a staggering and mind-boggling statistic. And for anybody wanting to sell more printing, it is certainly something to think about. Hard.

I believe in social media, but I will also tell you that up to this point, I have not invested as much time and effort in social media marketing for my own company as I should have. However, after contemplating what Chris Brogan said, I am very motivated to improve my social media marketing efforts. I think you would be wise to reconsider your efforts and investment in this area.

If you stop and think about it, Brogan is exactly right isn’t he? It really doesn’t make any difference what we as printers think about Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If 93% of the print buyers think we should be using social media to talk to them, we need to listen and respond quickly.

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