Help for Tired Print Owners

October 29, 2013 · 0 comments

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

OK, I know “Help for Tired Printers” is an unusual title for a blog post, but the truth is, many of us who work in the printing industry are tired. A lot of us are just sorta pooped-out from working so hard, for so many years. It might sound a little surprising, but one of my main purposes for being here is to help you feel energized, alive, and a little less pooped-out. As you read Gutenblog, I want you to feel a little more “energized and alert” when you’re finished than you were when you began. I want you to feel hope rising, so you can attack the challenges you’ll be facing today with more focused intensity.

Obviously, it’s more difficult than ever to earn an above average income as the owner of an independent small commercial printing firm.

I’m here to inspire you and the co-workers at your printing firm. When you’re kind enough to invest a few minutes of time from your over-committed and busy schedule, I’m in your debt. In fact, I have an obligation to give you something in return that more than justifies the time you’ve invested here. If you’re going to read Gutenblog, you need a good return on your time investment, don’t you? As we go forward together, I believe that the ideas you’ll discover here will help you become a better printer.

I want to help you begin to raise the expectations for your future success.

Many of the ideas we’ll discuss here will specifically help you grow sales, while other ideas will simply provide you with a little smile for the day or give you something positive to talk about to your customers or co-workers.

So let’s get started…

Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Text Message Marketing
Last summer, I waited in line an hour in order to get inside the historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Finally, my group of about 60 tourists made it inside the hall’s assembly room. I was amazed to notice that four (adult) individuals continued to send and receive text messages as they listened to the presentation about our country’s Declaration of Independence. You may call that bad manners, but it’s also a powerful reminder that the addictive nature of text messaging can be a powerful marketing opportunity.

10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Anti-Aging
OK, guys, let’s admit it. The ongoing daily pressure of meeting sales goals, managing cash flow, finding good employees, and hitting deadlines can take a toll on our bodies. Have you ever looked in the mirror first thing in the morning and wondered, “Where did that wrinkle come from?!?!??” Oh, come on… I’m not the only one to think that! This article has some good ways to keep yourself looking a little younger, and that’s not a bad thing.

The Horror of Frankenslides
Here’s an extremely creative way Duarte, a California ad agency, uses a Halloween-related marketing theme to promote media design services to their prospects. It’s wildly creative and very entertaining. It may be a little rich for your pocketbook, but still, it may inspire some fun October 31st — or future — holiday marketing ideas for your printing firm.

Is an Advertisement Worth the Paper It’s Printed On?
You gotta love the crew from the Rochester Institute of Technology who research and write “Print in the Mix,” the fabulous think tank blog that continually provides research demonstrating the effectiveness of print. We’re printers, and these guys are on our side! Here’s a study that explains how and why printed advertising can help businesses sell more product. It’s written in an easy-to-comprehend format. You might find this study a helpful resource to use with some of your big print buyers.

Photographing the Unphotographable Amish
Here’s a beautifully done photo journal of a small Amish settlement in Wisconsin. It provides a rare, seldom seen glimpse behind the scenes of what life in an Amish community is like. The photographs are quite remarkable, and I think you’ll enjoy seeing them.

50 States, 50 Pizzas
Oh, geez, I got hungry just looking at the pictures of the best pizzas! This report, provided by the renowned Zagat Restaurant Guide, lists the “best pizza” state-by-state for your consideration. How many of these great pizzerias have you visited? Fun stuff…

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