Day #9 – Losing 10 pounds in 10 days

May 27, 2014 · 0 comments

Beginning weight at the start –   210.5 pounds
Weight at the end of day #1 –   208.5 pounds
Weight at the end of day #2 –   206.5 pounds
Weight at the end of day #3 –   205.5 pounds
Weight at the end of day #4 –   204.75 pounds
Weight at the end of day #5 –   204.0 pounds
Weight at the end of day #6 –   204.5 pounds
Weight at the end of day #7 –   205.0 pounds
Weight at the end of day #8 –   204.0 pounds
Weight at the end of day #9 –   203.0 pounds
Total weight lost on day #9 –   1 pound
Total weight lost in 9 days –   7.5 pounds

After the three-day Memorial Day weekend, I find myself lighter in weight but behind schedule in my plan to lose one pound of weight per day. I was only able to lose one pound over the last three days. It’s kind of a bummer, yet I am still going forward as determined as ever… well, almost anyway.

When I weighed myself on Sunday and saw my weight rise a half pound for the second day in a row, I was somewhat frustrated because it didn’t seem like I ate enough food to gain any weight. But rather than beat myself up, I just decided to stay on my plan and go forward. Fortunately, my body started to cooperate again, and I lost a full pound at my Monday morning weigh-in and another pound at my Tuesday morning (today) weigh-in.

FWIW, I actually like weighing in daily. I like the instant feedback, even though it’s brutal when you eat so little, do a full workout, and still gain weight on some days. The encouraging boost it provides when you do see your weight falling makes up for that and keeps you going.

For me personally, weighing myself daily provides a tough accountability that I need. You see, I’m what’s called an “emotional eater.” If something good happens, I can easily convince myself, “Hey, I did a good job today, I’ll have an extra slice of deep dish pizza to celebrate!” Or… if I’m having a rough day, I often find myself staring at the bowl of mashed potatoes and thinking, “If I just had some more of those with a little extra butter, I know I’d feel better.” (Oh, don’t laugh. I know some of you have been there too, haven’t you?? Ha ha!)

Well, this rapid weight-loss experiment ends tomorrow, and I’m hoping to end the 10 days on a very positive note. Tomorrow, I’ll also share “What’s next” and how I plan to keep the weight I’ve lost from returning.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

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