Don’t be a perfectionist

July 8, 2014 · 0 comments

I have a deep commitment to quality and excellence. I try to do everything the very best way it can be done — but I work hard at not allowing myself to become a perfectionist. Why?

Because trying to get it perfect will slow you down, frustrate your coworkers, and sometimes cause you to miss good opportunities. In other words, perfectionism isn’t profitable.

Sometimes I think “perfectionism” can be defined as an addiction to excessive reasoning. I would urge you to avoid excessive reasoning by becoming more decisive. Being impulsive and making decisions too quickly may cost you money, but so will over-analyzing and waiting too long to make decisions. The best leaders realize that most decisions can be made sooner rather than later — and if something goes a little sideways, you simply adjust and make mid-course corrections when you realize things are going wrong. Agonizing over and over about a difficult choice or decision will only wear you out and de-energize you.

My suggestion: Don’t over-analyze, and never let the possibility of future problems prevent a present improvement.

Go ahead with your new idea, even if it’s only 90% right! You’ll be money ahead if you do…and you’ll create positive energy in yourself and those around you.

My name is Mike Stevens, and I am a printer.

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